Tips For Decorating When You Have Fuck All Time Spare

Lifestyle / Sunday, January 8th, 2017

I love DIY and decorating but seem to never actually have time to get down and dirty with all of my other commitments. When I finished decorating my house in Summer after having 3 days off, I moved my attention onto Lloyd and Emily’s flat like an addict needing to find their next fix (Lloyd doesn’t like decorating…WINNER!). Now 3 months later we’re not finished creating Lloyd’s ideal flat but I’d like to say that we are not far off our target.

Lloyd, his family & I work full time so it hasn’t been easy fitting time in to decorate around work and social events. So here are my top tips if you’re looking to decorate and fix up your house on both a tight timeframe & budget.

  1. Planning. I preach about planning a little bit too much on this blog but I freaking love it! Forward thinking and planning allows you to use your valuable “DIY time” wisely. This may be as simply as measure the size and square meterage of each room and noting it down ahead of buying new flooring. Or, buying all of your wallpapering products ahead of time before you realise that you’re a roll short and B&Q not longer stock this product!.
  2. Up-cycle! There is no harm in sprucing up old furniture you have or find in your loft when you move in when you’re on a budget and time restriction. This is exactly what spray paint was made for, so sand things down in the evening after work and spend 5 minutes spray painting in the morning and bingo!!
  3. Don’t decorate too much at once. Work one room at at time breaking it down into section by section. By doing this the whole things seems less daunting and time constricting. You’ve gone from ‘oh I need to finish off the bedroom’ to ‘tonight I need to paint the skirting boards after dinner’.
  4. Order online! Where you can order online this means (back to step one) planning VERY seriously to avoid wasting time and money returning items. But ordering online especially directly from suppliers; saves you money, petrol and time – plus you’ll have everything you need at your disposal when you need it.
  5. Use your annual leave to finish everything up. I have just spent a fair proportion of my Christmas Holiday leave stripping wallpaper and re-painting the communal hallway. If you really are struggling to find time, take a day off that you’d otherwise be using on a inconvenient engagement.
  6. Rope your family & friends in to help. I am sure you have some IOU’s in the bank of favours left to use so use them! Not only will you maximise your usage of time but you’ll even enjoy decorating more. If you have no IOU’s left pull out the Pizza & an Ice Cold Beer card. Works every time.

Heaven only knows what I will do once Lloyd & Emily’s flat is finished. Buy a house I heard someone say?

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