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Holy cow its only two weeks until the London Marathon!

I am absolutely crapping myself about this race as I pasted the point of not being prepared a long time ago. That being said I am going to give it my god damn all and still complete the race even if its in 7 hours 59 minutes so I am one step closer to all six marathon majors.

For someone who has been eager to complete this race for over a year now following my stress fracture I have been so fearful of training that I’ve avoided it. My dad would call me a snowflake right now if he was reading this! The issue hasn’t been motivation to get out a go – boy that’s been there – its been my body not doing what its being told and shutting down when I try to put one foot in front of the other.

This sounds dramatic I know, but its not, it’s the truth.

At first I thought I was just unfit and no matter how far I run or how often I trained I just wouldn’t improve. I’d finish my training and want to collapse because I felt so sick (and often was) and dizzy, so much so my legs would just give out from underneath me and I’d be unable to move for a good half an hour. However, after some investigations I got an answer which explained everything that was going on.

Whereas when most peoples ATP stores deplete while running their body increases the oxygen levels it supplies to the muscles so more can be created, mine doesn’t. The oxygen supply to my muscles is limited so once I am out of ATP, I am pretty much out for the rest of my run which makes it near enough impossible to keep running. If I force myself to continue to plod along my body eventually goes into anaerobic respiration – which doesn’t require oxygen – to fuel my muscles. However, a byproduct of this is lactic acid, which decreases the efficiency of muscles and causes muscle cramps.

You’re properly thinking then why the hell do you keep doing this to yourself Emily? Well because the pros of running for me outweigh the cons massively, much to my mothers dismay.

I tend to feel the symptoms of my ATP stores depleting about 3 miles into any run and while pushing myself to continue always crosses my mind because I’m so stubborn, I know I need to stop running, walk and breathe deeply in a bid to restore my bodies oxygen levels.

So my plan for London looks a little bit like this… run a mile, walk a mile & repeat another 13 times until you reach the finish line.

I know this is going to be disheartening to my soul (and ego), however I know this is the only way I’ll cross that finish line in one piece and giving my Granddad my medal means ALOT more to me than my time does.

If you suffer from low levels of ATP you can change your diet to help you. There are two positive dietary changes I have made that have increased my ATP levels:

  1. Going into Ketosis.
    Ketosis occurs when people eat a low- or no-carb diet. Low carbohydrate levels cause blood sugar levels to drop and the body begins breaking down fat to use as energy. Longer chains of fatty acid contain higher levels of ATP, which means on a low carb diet your body is producing around 4 times the amount of ATP you would while burning carbs.
  2. Adding high levels of creatine into my diet.
    Creatine monohydrate is a combination of three amino acids that allow you to train harder during intense exercise. Creatine monohydrate does not require carbohydrates for effective use, so it works just as well while in Ketosis.

If you fancy being nosey and following me during London you can track my BIB number 36603 online. I will also be setting up live twitter updates when I cross each 5K check point.


  1. So inspiring!
    Having run marathons and Ultra marathons for 20 years and ” beimg, done” lol and reading your challenges I’m thinking…”start running again you pussy” haha
    Have a great run and your walk one run one place as n is solid.
    Miami is a big five…I think lol be n be if y a need a place to crash hit me n my daughter up.

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