VLM19: 39 Weeks To Go

Yesterday I recieved an email that I wasn’t expecting till October that quite frankly made my month after all the shit we have been through in July…

A Virgin London Marathon confirmation place for 2019!

Like always I had applied for a ballot place and mentioned that I would be happy to run for chairty if the opportunity arised again. I selected Children with Cancer UK as my choice of chairty on my application as my little Brother is currently having treatment for Lukemia so it seemed like a perfect fit to dedicate another Marathon to a family memeber.

Not expecting to hear back for another few months I was estatic to find an email from CWC UK in my inbox saying congratulations you have a place for London 2019. I honestly did a happy dance round my flat and started planning how I would spend the next 39 weeks going from 0 to 26.2 as my lyprascopy recovery requires me to start back at the beginning all over again.

I am so determined to run London the way I can run London and not how I did this year with lack of training and dehydrated AF which will hopefully mean a personal best is in the bag for 2019.

So the Marathon training posts are back as of now (sorry in advance) and I’ll be sharing my zero to Marathon plan with you all as we go along for those of you who find yourself in the same position and are shitting yourself just as much as I am.


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