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Fitness / Tuesday, August 29th, 2017

My last post was just short of three months ago and as much as I’d like to blame that all on life getting in the way, the truth is I lost my mojo following a rather large downward spiral of events. Of course, I’ve still been running and training as much as possible, however when it comes down to sitting and writing all about it, I’ve opted to get tucked up in bed for a nap instead.

Throughout June and July I moved house twice, however still managed to race every weekend thanks to my parents who ended up unpacking and packing most of my belongings. Running has always been my therapy which is why I made sure that I attended each race during this stressful time. I Managed to finish my season on a 10K personal best which was an amazing achievement (8-minute PB) especially after collapsing at Southend Half Marathon the weekend before.

August has always been my off-season month where I take a break and prepare for my next round of races. With nine events booked in for September & October including my first ever Triathlon I have spent the past month in the gym; swimming and spinning to build good foundations. Where I have been enjoying changing my training up, I am pleased to say have finally managed to find a routine where I can fit everything in going forward – albeit it does involve 5:30am wake up calls!


It’s time to join the early morning running club!! If you have any tips for getting up early and training please share them as coffee isn’t quiet hitting the spot at the mo!


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