What I’ve Been Wearing #1


So I thought it was about time I showed you my most worn products of the week. As a blogger there is a high chance because I’m addicted to Beauty that I’ll be trying some new products all the time or finding new love for old ones.
This week I have been laid back with my routine and gone back to basics with my makeup. This is because I haven’t really had time and my skin is, as ever, playing up!
I finally decided to jump on the wagon of love surrounding Caudalie beauty elixir. I wasn’t really sure what the hell it did and I don’t think anyone really does. It claims to do many things and everyone just goes along with it. I have only been wearing it 4 days and apart from the smell (which I am growing to) so I can really judge if it works yet, but we’ll see.
Along side my recent haul I bought more skin finish and a Marilyn nail polish my MAC. MAC is a brand I’ll always hate to love however the products are worth while. I love the soft and gentle skin finish, It leaves a beautiful finish on my skin and leaves you looking flawless. The Nail polish however is the first I have ever tried. I found it quick drying and easy to apply.

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